General Release Build 2024.1 (2511)

Requires active software maintenance through general release date: 2024.01.23

UPDATE Greatly improved parser performance and initial startup time.
NEW Navigate directly to a class constructor definition from an explicit constructor call.
NEW Find references can now find references to class constructor calls.
NEW Completion dropdown toolbar now displayed by default (without having to mouse over).
UPDATE Improved header selection to be more accurate for several STL types when using Add Include, such as std::stringstream and Std::once_flag.
v2511 Performance Chart


VA 2024.1 is here and is available to download!

The first release of the year is here with Visual Assist 2024.1. This update is headlined by the overhaul of our parser, which significantly reduces users' initial startup times for projects: VA 2024.1 is up to fifteen times faster to parse. Also in this release: key behavioral fixes for a few or VA’s navigation features, a UI update for the ubiquitous dropdown toolbar, and a plethora of bug fixes and QoL improvements.

We highly recommend reading through the complete announcement blog post to get a more comprehensive explanation of the release.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed visual issues with completion dropdown toolbar
  • Fixed issue where trial activation dialog could display an error and prevent activation
  • Fixed issue with new “Magic Numbers” detecting Code Inspection where it was highlighting only a portion of the constant
  • Fixed issue where logging could overflow and cause a crash when enabled alongside very large solutions
  • Fixed issue where preprocessor directives in shader files were sometimes colored as methods
  • Fixed issue where Unreal Engine Create***Subobject symbols were not recognized by our parser
  • Fixed issue where changing the signature of an Unreal Engine method which requires a *_Validate thunk would result in rewriting the return of the *_Validate thunk to void.
  • Fixed issue where typing a dot the start of the word in a few of our dialogs would result in no hits being displayed

General Release Build 2023.6 (2508)

Requires active software maintenance through general release date: 2023.11.24

NEW Instantly share code snippets via email, github, and more using new “Share with Team Member".
NEW Use inexact searches with Fuzzy Search logic in Open file in solution and Find symbol in solution
NEW Improved support for braced initialization lists / uniform initialization (C++11).
NEW Improved support for constexpr, consteval and constinit (C++20).
NEW Clang ”readability-magic-numbers” code checker with options
NEW Move an entire class to a new (pair) of files with "Move Class".
UPDATE honor excluded items setting defined in “.vscode\settings.json” when using open solution
UPDATE shortcut to select all for Open file in solution
UPDATE Quotation marks now added by default when using Add Include in an Unreal Engine project.


VA 2023.6 is here and is available to download!

The highlights of this release are added functionality to help users navigate source code more deftly with new search filtering options. You can now share code in as easy as two clicks with the new Share with Team Member option, There are also two C++-related improvements for added support for list initialization and a helpful checker to assist with enforcement of coding guidelines.

VA 2023.6 adds functionality to its bread and butter navigation windows. Fuzzy searching (or approximate string matching) is now available when searching through Open file in solution or Find symbol in solution. And another nifty update when using the open files interface: using Ctrl + A to select all now works as expected.

2023.6 also adds support for C++11’s braced initialization lists or uniform initialization and also a new Clang code checker for “numbers, integers, or floating point literals that are embedded in code and not introduced via constants or symbols”—otherwise known as magic numbers.

We highly recommend reading through the complete announcement blog post to get a more comprehensive explanation of the release.

General Release Build 2023.5 (2502)

Requires active software maintenance through general release date: 2023.09.07

NEW Support for custom precompiled header files to new intelligent Add Include logic.


VA 2023.4 is now available for public download! This release follows the cadence of alternating between big and small releases—largely influenced by the timing of important bug fixes or highly sought after requests.

This release’s highlights are two major bug fixes affecting Visual Studio’s solution startups and code inspections. In fact, this release has been expedited specifically to address these two issues. One was a regression in Visual Studio 2008 and 2005, and the second was introduced by a recent Visual Studio update—2022.17.7. Last time an issue was introduced with a point release of Visual Studio we were slower to react; we are specifically noting that we have a policy of swift resolution to these sorts of issues and this release is an example.

And a new feature has also been added: users can now set custom precompiled header files For added context, new projects in Visual Studio can come with precompiled header files. The main purpose of which is to prevent bottlenecks associated with having to compile with too many includes, especially in large projects.

Precompiled header files should be included first, and Visual Assist’s recently-added intelligent Add Include logic will now take that into account.

Overall, another compact release but should be beneficial to those who are power users of the aforementioned features.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crash on solution load in Visual Studio 2008 and 2005.
  • Fixed issue where Code Inspections would not function correctly in Visual Studio 2022 17.7+