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  1. Can I use a single license of Visual Assist on two computers?
    Yes, but only if you are the only user of Visual Assist on both computers.
  2. Can I use a single license in different versions of the IDE, multiple instances of an IDE, and multiple VMs?
    Yes to all. You need one license per developer, not per IDE, instance, or VM.
  3. Can I purchase a floating license?
    No, you need one license for every developer who will use Visual Assist no matter the frequency of that use.
  4. How do I know what type of license I have?
    If the About dialog of Visual Assist or first line of your activation key contains "Non-renewable license", you have a Personal or Academic License. Otherwise, you have a Standard License. Contact us if you aren't sure.
  5. What is the difference between a Standard License and a Personal License?
    The entity that purchases a Standard License can authorize any employee or independent contractor to use a Standard License, whereas a Personal License may be used only by the individual who purchases it. Additionally, software maintenance can be renewed for a Standard License, whereas it cannot for a Personal License. Learn more.
  6. Can I use a Personal License at work?
    Yes, but you must buy the license with personal funds, you cannot be reimbursed for it, and you must be the only user of your software. When you finish using Visual Assist at work, uninstall the software and "take" the license with you.
  7. Can I use a company's Standard License at home?
    Yes, if your company permits the practice and you are also the only user of your license at work and home.
  8. Can I get a team, site, or corporate license?
    Yes, but you will need licenses for all potential users in your group. Contact us for a quote.

Activation Keys

  1. What is an activation key?

    A two-line value that identifies a licensee, license count if applicable, term of software maintenance, and hashcode to activate a genuine copy of Visual Assist.

    Whole Tomato: Enter Key

  2. How many activation keys will I get if I purchase more than one license?
    One per purchase.
  3. Can I consolidate existing activation keys?
    Yes, but you must extend to one year the software maintenance for all of your licenses. Contact us to start the process.
  4. Can I distribute an activation key via a registry script?
    Yes, as explained in the documentation for automated installation.
  5. What do I do with a two-line activation key that arrived as one long line?
    Tell Microsoft Outlook to restore line breaks; restore the line break manually; or copy the long line into the enter-key dialog of Visual Assist.
  6. Restore Line Breaks

Software Maintenance

  1. What is software maintenance?
    A steady stream of new features, bug fixes, and priority support, offered in lieu of major upgrades. Learn more.
  2. Does every new license include software maintenance?
    Yes, for one year.
  3. Can I buy a new license without software maintenance?
  4. Can I use Visual Assist after my maintenance ends?
    Yes, your license allows perpetual use of the build that is most recent as of the end of your maintenance.
  5. Can I renew maintenance if my current term has expired?
    Yes, assuming you have a Standard License. There is no penalty for late renewal. Unless otherwise quoted, your new term will begin the date you renew.
  6. Can I renew maintenance before my current term expires?
    Yes, but you should alert us before you purchase so we know to generate an activation key that accounts for your unexpired maintenance.
  7. Do I need my original activation key to renew maintenance?
    Not when you purchase, but you may when you install your new activation key.
  8. Can I renew software maintenance for fewer than the total number of licenses I hold?
  9. Can I buy a second year of maintenance when I buy a new license?
    Yes, but you must specify in Special Instructions that your maintenance is for a second year, not for a second license. Contact us if you need assistance.
  10. Can I co-term maintenance of new licenses with maintenance of existing licenses?
    Yes, contact us for a quote.
  11. Can I obtain software maintenance through a specific date?
    Yes, contact us with your request.
  12. Can I renew software maintenance and buy new licenses in a single transaction?
    Yes, specify the quantity for each in our order form. We will send you a consolidated activation key.
  13. Can I renew maintenance with an email address that differs from the one I used with my last purchase or that is embedded in my activation key?
    Yes. If you wish us to keep a history of your purchases, provide your previous address in Special Instructions when you renew.
  14. When I renew maintenance, can I get an activation key that does not require a previous one?
    Yes, but you must specify your request in Special Instructions or contact us before you purchase. Provide your existing activation key, About info, previous electronic receipt, or contact info of a previous purchase.


  1. Can I get a PDF version of a receipt?
    Yes, contact us with your invoice number or activation key.
  2. Can I purchase through a reseller?
    Yes, contact us if you need the name of a reseller in your country, or ask your regular reseller to contact us.
  3. Can I purchase via check or bank transfer?
    Yes. If you are outside the U.S. and your order total exceeds USD 500, begin the process by entering quantities on our purchase page. For all other scenarios, contact us to begin the process.
  4. What shall I do if my credit card is declined?
    Contact us for an alternate form of payment. (We will not know the reason your card was declined.)
  5. Can I get a quantity discount?
    We provide a discount in some circumstances, e.g. when expanding use of Visual Assist or when procuring a large quantity. Contact us if you think you might qualify.
  6. Do you collect sales tax or VAT?
    No, sales tax and VAT are not collected.
  7. Can I obtain a history of my purchases?
    Yes, contact us with your request.
  8. What is an annual true up?
    The process of consolidating existing activation keys, co-terming software maintenance for all developers, and obtaining new licenses for additional developers. Customers with multiple activation keys can request an annual true up. Contact us to learn more.
  9. What should I do if my company's name or domain has changed since the last time I purchased?
    If you want us to keep a history of your purchases, contact us before you purchase or provide your previous name in Special Instructions when you buy.
  10. Can I extend a trial?
    Yes, in all likelihood. Contact us with your request.
  11. What is your refund policy?
    Whole Tomato Software encourages you to fully evaluate Visual Assist during a trial period—before you purchase a license. Refunds are issued at the sole discretion of Whole Tomato Software.