Announcing our GDC giveaway winner, plus an important community announcement

Meet our winner

We’ve had a couple of giveaways during our stint at GDC last March in San Francisco— the most exciting of which was our Steam Deck giveaway.

After drawing from our list of entries, we’re excited to introduce our winner: Rebecca Vessal. We have coordinated with her and she will receive a brand new Steam Deck as soon as stocks are available (even we aren’t immune to shortages!)

Omg!  I’m super excited to win the Steam Deck from the GDC giveaway!  I look forward to receiving it and playing my Steam games on the go or hooking it up to a TV.  Thank you so much! =D

– Becca

Rebecca Vessal is currently enjoying her work as a gameplay programmer at Double Fine Productions. She particularly enjoys collaborating with her team of game developers to come up with creative solutions in order to make awesome games. 

Psychonauts 2, Rebecca Vessal

Becca helped her team at Double Fine create the cinematic platform-adventure game Psychonauts 2, which won Best Narrative at this year’s Game Developers Choice Awards.

Prior to her joining Double Fine, Becca worked on mobile games like the popular Diner Dash at Playfirst and Glu Mobile. She also worked on LEGO Movie Maker, a mobile application for DIY LEGO animations.

Rebecca has a wide variety of programming experiences, from mobile games and apps to console/PC games.  Her game development programming experience includes working on:

  • Video Game A.I.
  • Global gameplay systems
  • Custom level specific systems
  • User Interface
  • Physics and tools programming. 

In her spare time, Rebecca likes to try out new kinds of food and drinks, play sports, hang out with friends, play with and pet her doggos, draw, play video games, and explore new places.

Her next big thing is Whole Tomato’s MVP program

One other thing that you need to know about Becca is that she is a dedicated Visual Assist user. There is almost never a work day where she wouldn’t be able to find use for one of VA’s features.

And in the spirit of full disclosure, Rebecca was a participant in one of our focus groups, so we had a bit of a background on her already. It was a happy coincidence that she won the giveaway out of the 240 entries we had.

With that in mind, we took the opportunity to invite her to be one of our first MVPs for the launch of Whole Tomato’s new community recognition program. We’re looking forward to many exciting collaborations and projects with her soon!

If you think you’re qualified to be one of our MVPs and are interested, you can fill this form.

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