Game Development Showcase: Visual Assist + Cloud Hosted Perforce from Assembla

Game development cycles can get increasingly longer when working with larger projects and teams. Learn how Assembla’s Cloud Hosted Perforce solutions can further speed up your dev cycles by streamlining source control management in Helix Core with tailored support for Unreal Engine.

As many of our readers know, Visual Assist is a productivity extension for Visual Studio that provides a set of intelligent refactoring, navigation, code highlighting and generation features for C++ development, along with tailored features that help game devs make the most of Visual Studio’s integration with Unreal Engine. For those who are newer to our blog, check out this article for a quick overview of how Visual Assist can make game dev with Unreal Engine easier. In addition, last month was the first version of Visual Assist to officially support Unity. Read more about it in the VA 2023.4 build announcement.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our partners, Assembla, and share how their Perforce hosting offerings can make game dev with Unreal and Unity even more efficient. Assembla provides a cloud-based source code management platform that brings project management, source code hosting, security solutions and other integrations under one roof to streamline your E2E dev pipeline. 

Assembla hosts Perforce Helix Core in the cloud under two solutions: Perforce Cloud, a quick-to-deploy SaaS platform, and Perforce Enterprise, where Assembla DevOps engineers set up Perforce Helix Core in a fully managed, dedicated AWS server or a custom network of servers to support global teams. With Assembla’s solutions, gaming studios save the overhead of managing their own on-prem or cloud solution and can focus on creating the best game possible rather than infrastructure. Additionally, teams can scale globally without worrying about how source control and file transfers will perform across locales.

Assembla was the first company to package Helix Core for the cloud and remains a leading expert today, bringing you the best features: 

  • Fast commit performance
  • Faster revisions, code testing and binary file handling 
  • Automatic backups for every commit
  • Virtually unlimited cloud repository storage
  • Track and trace any code changes to identify security threats
  • Native support for Unreal Engine and Unity
  • Helix DAM to help speed up the creative process for your artists and designers
  • Helix Swarm for code review


Assembla also supports Perforce’s third-party integrations with standard game dev tools such as Visual Studio, Jira, Adobe, Maya, Microsoft, and AWS. To further streamline your dev pipeline, Assembla recently launched a new CI/CD integration that supports GPU builds through Travis CI, improving the speed and efficiency of processing your games. 

Discover how Assembla can help you make the most of Perforce so you can create virtual worlds and immersive games by visiting their Gaming Development page.

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