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VA Snippets Create from Selection

You can create a new VA Snippet using an existing fragment of code. You can initiate the creation in either of two ways.

Highlight a fragment, and then select VAssistX | Tools | Create VA Snippet from selection.

Or, highlight a fragment; open VAssistX | Insert VA Snippet; and then select Create VA Snippet from selection.


The VA Snippet editor opens with your fragment in a new VA Snippet. Modify the VA Snippet as necessary, including updating of title and shortcut, and replacing of constants and symbol names with placeholders.


Manage pointer types using the Resource-Acquisition-Is-Initialization (RAII) programming idiom and a VA Snippet. Select the following lines you might have for an existing pointer.

Select VAssistX | Insert VA Snippet | Create VA Snippet from selection...

The VA Snippet editor opens.

Update title, shortcut, and description.

Replace symbol names in code with input placeholders: $name$ and $type$. Position caret after expansion with $end$.

Exit the VA Snippet editor, saving your changes.

In the text editor, type your shortcut and accept the suggested VA Snippet.

Enter a type and name in the dialog.

Accept the dialog and confirm VA Snippet expanded as you expected.