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Reset Editor Zoom

Visual Studio provides commands—View.ZoomIn (Ctrl+Shift+.) and View.ZoomOut (Ctrl+Shift+,)—that increase and decrease the zoom level in various parts of the IDE. Visual Assist complements the IDE zoom commands with one that resets the zoom in the active editor to 100%. The command can be used after manual adjustments to the zoom level, but it is especially useful after errantly adjusting it (for example, via accidental Ctrl+Mouse Wheel). The reset "fixes" the zoom level irrespective of how it is mis-adjusted.

VAssistX.ResetEditorZoom works only within the scope of the text editor.

Reset works also after adjusting zoom level with Ctrl+Wheel.

Reset is available only using a shortcut assigned to VAssistX.ResetEditorZoom. If you accepted the shortcut(s) recommended by Visual Assist, the reset command is available via Ctrl+0.

Visual Studio 2015 and newer

By default, Visual Studio opens new editor windows at the zoom level of the active window. In addition to adjusting the active window in the IDE, Reset Editor Zoom sets the global zoom level so new editor windows also open at 100%.

Visual Studio 2008 and older

Editors do not support zoom, so Reset Editor Zoom is not applicable.