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License FAQ


  1. Can I use a single license of Visual Assist on multiple computers and in multiple VMs?
    Yes, but only if you are the only user of Visual Assist in the environments.
  2. Can I use a single license in different versions of the IDE, and in multiple instances of an IDE?
    Yes, you need one license per developer, not per IDE or instance.
  3. How do I know what type of license I have?
    Check the line that begins "License" in the About dialog of Visual Assist (Alt+X, H, A). The line identifies Standard, Personal, or Academic. Contact us if you aren't sure.


  1. How do I stop marketing communications?
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Serial Numbers

  1. What is a serial number?
    A set of alphanumeric characters in the format XXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXX

    If you obtained one serial number per licensed developer, each developer can use one serial number to register Visual Assist to three development environments—PCs or VMs.

    If you obtained a shared serial number, or a license file, each developer can use the shared serial number to register Visual Assist to one development environment.

    Contact [email protected] if you need an exception.
  2. How do I register a serial number?
    Follow the steps in the documentation for license registration.
  3. Can I distribute serial numbers via registry scripts?
    Yes, as explained in the documentation for automated installation.
  4. How do I tell what product a serial number is for?
    Check the email that contains your serial number, or visit the license portal to display the serial numbers registered to your EDN account.
  5. Will I get a new serial number when I renew maintenance for one?
  6. Can I consolidate serial numbers with legacy, two-line activation keys?
    Yes, but all licenses must be under maintenance. Consolidation will result in the use of serial numbers. You will be able to discard all of your legacy activation keys after consolidation. Contact us to start the process.
  7. How do I make Visual Assist forget about an installed serial number or license file so I can install a legacy, two-line activation key?
    Exit Visual Studio(s) and delete the following directory:
    Note: If you have other Idera products that use the Embarcadero licensing system, those products will be affected by the deletion of the directory.