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The functionality of the mouse buttons and wheel is fixed in Visual Studio. Visual Assist extends the built-in functionality by allowing assignment of commands to modified versions of the buttons and wheel. The assignments are made in the options dialog of Visual Assist. The scope of the assignments is the text editor.

Modified mouse buttons, e.g., Ctrl+Left-Click, can be assigned to: 

  • GoTo Implementation, which jumps to the declaration or implementation of the current symbol
  • GoTo Related, which jumps to all locations related to the current symbol
  • Open the VA Context Menu, a menu of all commands applicable to the current symbol, location, or file

The modified wheel, e.g., Ctrl+Wheel, can be assigned to:

  • Do nothing, which prevents inadvertent zooming upon default Ctrl+Wheel and Ctrl+Shift+Wheel. (Ctrl+Alt+Wheel still zooms.)
  • Extend/Shrink Selection, which changes the selection by small increments
  • Extend/Shrink Block Selection, which changes the selection by logical groups