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List of Code Inspections

Code Inspection LLVM/Clang Equivalent
and Documentation
Fixable Introduced
in Build
Calling std::move() when it is not needed performance-move-const-arg 3 2451
Check emptiness with empty() instead of size() readability-container-size-empty 5 2219
Check innacurate use of erase() bugprone-inaccurate-erase 3 2476
Check implicit conversions from bool pointer to bool bugprone-bool-pointer-implicit-conversion 3 2476
Check argument comments match parameter names bugprone-argument-comment 4 2488
Constructor of shared_pointer can be replaced with make_shared modernize-make-shared 3 2210
Constructor of unique_ptr can be replaced with make_unique modernize-make-unique 3 2210
Escaped string literal can be written as raw string literal modernize-raw-string-literal 3 2217
Find bug-prone usage of string comparison functions bugprone-suspicious-string-compare 3 2406
Find manually-defined constructor definitions that do not initialize all fields cppcoreguidelines-pro-type-member-init 3 2458
Find suspicious assignments of integers to strings bugprone-string-integer-assignment 3 2463
Find suspicious string constructors bugprone-string-constructor 3 2406
Fix potential swapped arguments bugprone-swapped-arguments 4 2488
For loop can be converted to range-based loop modernize-loop-convert 3 2210
Include of deprecated header file can be replaced or removed modernize-deprecated-headers 3 2375
Integer literal can be replaced with 'true' or 'false' modernize-use-bool-literals 3 2235
Local variable can be a const reference performance-unnecessary-copy-initialization 3 2248
Move constructor or assignment operator is not marked 'noexcept' performance-noexcept-move-constructor 3 2451
Optimize call to std::string::find() to use single character literal performance-faster-string-find 3 2399
Optimize inefficient vector push_back() performance-inefficient-vector-operation 3 2399
Overriding function without 'override' specifier modernize-use-override 3 2210
Prefer transparent functor modernize-use-transparent-functors 3 2248
push_back can be replaced with emplace_back modernize-use-emplace 3 2210
Range-based loop variable can be a const reference performance-for-range-copy 3 2248
Reduce container capacity with shrink_to_fit() instead of copy and swap modernize-shrink-to-fit 3 2235
Redundant call to c_str() or data() on string readability-redundant-string-cstr 4 2380
Redundant get() on smart pointer readability-redundant-smartptr-get 3 2219
Redundant 'return' or 'continue' statement readability-redundant-control-flow 3 2219
Redundant 'void' parameter list modernize-redundant-void-arg 5 2210
Reset unique_ptr with '= nullptr' instead of delete 'p.release()' readability-uniqueptr-delete-release 3 2219
Special member function body can be replaced with '= default' modernize-use-equals-default 3 2210
Standard algorithm can be replaced by container's more efficient implementation performance-inefficient-algorithm 3 2393
Typedef can be converted to 'using' declaration modernize-use-using 3 2210
Unnecessary explicit call to the constructor in return statement modernize-return-braced-init-list 3 2387
Unnecessary member initialization readability-redundant-member-init 5 2380
Unnecessary string initialization readability-redundant-string-init 4 2380
Unnecessary use of else after early exit readability-else-after-return 5 2387
Use string (in)equality operator instead of the compare method readability-string-compare.html 4 2458
Use shuffle() instead of random_shuffle() modernize-replace-random-shuffle 3 2283
Variable can be declared 'auto' modernize-use-auto 5 2210
Zero constant can be replaced with nullptr modernize-use-nullptr 3 2210