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Convert Dot to ->

Type dot after a symbol in C/C++ when you should have typed -> and Visual Assist will correct the mistake immediately.

For example, type this:

and Visual Assist will convert your code to:

Visual Assist versus Visual Studio

Dot-to-Arrow Intellisense is built into Visual Studio 2017.

Conversion is available only for C/C++ because the programming language supports pointers. A conversion is not made if Visual Assist has any doubt about its certainty.

If you wish to undo a conversion, press Backspace, DEL or Undo immediately after it occurs. The -> returns to a dot.

Enable the feature in the options dialog of Visual Assist.

If you occasionally refer to a smart pointer wrapper method when -> is overloaded, undo a conversion immediately after it occurs. If you routinely refer to smart pointer wrapper methods, disable all conversions when -> is overloaded.