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Bind Breakpoints to Current Thread

Debugging a multi-threaded application in Visual Studio can be challenging. For instance, if one thread is being debugged and second thread hits a breakpoint, the debugger abruptly switches context from the first thread to the second thread. There is no easy way to return to the debugging of the first thread.

Visual Assist simplifies the debugging of a multi-threaded application with a command to bind breakpoints to the current thread. When bound to one thread, other threads that hit breakpoints are automatically continued.

Bind breakpoints to the current, i.e. active, thread using the Visual Assist toolbar

or VAssistX menu.

The command icon is highlighted when binding is active.

To restore default behavior, i.e. apply breakpoints to all threads, run the command again. (The command is a toggle.)

Visual Studio 2013 and older

Bind Breakpoints to Current Thread is not available.