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10 Undeniable Reasons to Love C++ Extensions

Visual Studio is by far one of the most advanced IDEs in the world. Being one of the oldest IDEs, it is still the most popular in the C++ community. In fact, a JetBrains survey [1] found that 27 percent of C++ developers prefer Visual Studio over any other IDE–the highest for any IDE. 

Although Visual Studio is a comprehensive IDE, it does not cater to all the development needs. Developers have to couple it with C++ extensions to increase productivity and efficiency. This article will explore ten undeniable reasons to love C++ extensions and our top pick C++ extension that is a must for developers in 2022. 

Why Should A Developer Use C++ Extensions?—10 Compelling Reasons 

C++ extension is a C++ source file that has the .cpp, .cxx or .cc extension suffix. A C++ source file can also include other files, such as header files with the #include directive. C++ extensions come with features like IntelliSense, code navigation, debugging, and build configuration that increases the productivity of C++ developers. 

The reasons why you should use C++ extensions are long, but here are 10 best reasons that will. 

Fast Navigation

While working on the longer projects, developers often navigate from one part to another. This navigation is usually very time-taking and troublesome. Result? Developers lose their productivity. 

However,with C++ extensions, developers move quickly and easily through code or any files, methods, symbols, or references. It is because C++ extensions come with fast navigation features that improve the built-in functionality of the IDEs. 

Code Inspection

C++ code requires inspection for quality issues in the editing process. Going ahead without inspection can increase the chances of bugs, and flawed logic. Using C++ extensions help you avoid this with their code inspection features. It helps diagnose and fix typical programming errors and correct the style violations, interface misuse, and fatal bugs. 


Refactoring is changing the internal structure of the code so that it becomes more maintainable and easier to understand. It helps coders keep the complexity under control for the whole team. 

C++ extensions are an essential part of the refactoring process. They assist in improving the code readability while making it open for extensions without altering its external behavior. It also enables a developer to refactor legacy code, inherited code, or even the first version of your work in the project.

Code Correction

Programming errors often go unnoticed or undetected until the program is compiled and executed. Some of the errors are fatal and halt the program’s execution. However, C++ extensions rule out these problems with ease.

C++ extensions correct the mistakes in your code as you make them, especially errors in symbols case and pointer notation. The code correction feature is best for the syntax and structural errors in the program. 

Support for Game Development Platforms Like Unreal Engine

More and more developers are turning to Unreal Engine for their game development projects. Being new to the Unreal, most developers face everyday challenges like annoying tabs when declaring a function or class or incorrect red squiggles. 

But with C++ extensions support for game development platforms, a developer can avoid all these common challenges. These extensions help developers in code generation, refactoring, and tailored navigation to increase their performance and productivity. 

Code Assistance

C++ extensions come with the code assistance feature that is vital to increase the coding speed and productivity. These features give you the auto-suggestions and quietly fix mistakes in your wake. 

So, if you want to write code faster with assistance, C++ extensions are the best way to go. 

Code Generation

Another reason to love C++ extensions is their code generation feature. Code generation is part of the process chain of a compiler. It helps convert the intermediate representation of source code into a form that the target system can execute. A developer can automate API development in one system with code generation to match another. 

With this, a developer can also generate code quickly with commands like Add Missing Case Statements, Implement Interface, and Create From Usage

Code Understanding

It often becomes challenging to make sense of the complex or unfamiliar code, especially for new developers. C++ extensions provide code understanding features that make sense of complicated and unfamiliar code. It does so with various informative fields, highlighting the updates as you move about code and enhancing syntax coloring. 

It also assists with deciphering code quickly with bold, italics, and more meaningful colors. 

Tool Windows

Who would not love a tool window that maintains hierarchy and arranges the code contents, especially when the project is long? You can have that through C++ extensions. This tool window feature is best for a hierarchy of header files and helps maintain a list of recently visited places and an outline of the current file. A developer can also drag and drop code contents to rearrange for better use. 

VA Code Snippets

Last but not least, the reason to love C++ extensions is the VA code snippets. A developer can expand frequently typed code segments with a more robust version of VA snippets. With inserting code, VA snippets also help select code, insert environment variables, insert symbols from the context, and prompt user input. 

Looking For All-in-One C++ Extension? Visual Assist Is For You

The features mentioned above are all a developer needs to increase his productivity. But finding a C++ extension that provides all these features is problematic as not all extensions come with a complete package of features. 

However, luckily for you, a C++ extension named Visual Assist offers all the features mentioned above at no extra price. What’s more, Visual Assist offers a 30 day free trial period with full features to test. 

In short, if you are looking for one C++ extension that best suits your programming needs and habits and offers a complete package of advanced features, Visual Assist is for you. 

Need an all-in-one C++ extension for your programming needs? Start Your Visual Assist Free Trial Now. 



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