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VA Snippets for Smart Suggestions

Several VA Snippets support the Smart Suggestions feature of Visual Assist. Smart suggestions are highly context-aware code fragments that you are likely to type in specific contexts. Several smart suggestions obtain their completion lists from designated VA Snippets.


The VA Snippet for "class" contains the modifiers and types Visual Assist will suggest when you define a class.

You can retain or add modifiers you use frequently, and remove uncommon ones.

Visual Assist also suggests enumerations from the same VA Snippet.


The VA Snippet for "loop" is used when programming loops--for, do, and while--and contains a list of statements specific to loops.

If you begin one of the statements inside a loop, Visual Assist may suggest its completion.


The VA Snippet for "switch" contains a list of suggested labels when programming switch statements.

Visual Assist may suggest one of the labels inside a switch statement.

If you do not want Visual Assist to suggest labels, yet you want to see other smart suggestions, delete the labels, not the VA Snippet.


The remaining VA Snippets that support Smart Suggestions define value that Visual Assist may offer when you assign or compare variables of built-in or user-defined types. For example, when you define a variable of type HRESULT, Visual Assist uses the VA Snippet for "HRESULT" to suggest initial values.

The order of entries in the VA Snippet is immaterial, since contents of completion listboxes are always sorted alphabetically.

You can modify the default VA Snippets that support Smart Suggestions included with Visual Assist. If you do not want Visual Assist to suggest values embedded in a default VA Snippet, delete the values, not the VA Snippet.

You can create new VA Snippets with enumerated values for types or typedefs you use often. Typically, only the most common values associated with a type or typedef are enumerated in a VA Snippet, not all possible values.

When you define a symbol of a type or typedef for which there is a VA Snippet of type smart suggestion, Visual Assist suggests the snippet's enumerated values as an initial value for your symbol.