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Move Method Implementations to Source File

Refactoring with Move Method Implementations to Source File provides C/C++ users with an efficient way of moving all methods of a class from a header file to a source file, in a single operation.

As with the refactoring that moves a single implementation, Move Implementation to Source File, you can modify the format of implementations by editing the VA Snippet for Create Implementation.


Move all implementations of a class by invoking the refactoring from the name of a class, not from one of its methods. The refactoring is available in the Quick Action and Refactoring menu (Shift+Alt+Q).

Select the implementations to move in the dialog that opens.

Implementations from nested classes can be moved in the same operation. If you select the nested class in the initial dialog, a second dialog opens to move its methods.

See Also

See the documentation for Move Implementation to Source File regarding the location of implementations and special handling of template implementations.